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GED was never meant to be second-chance diploma

The GED test was set up to help GIs get high school credit when they returned from war.
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Advocates say new, online programs offered by prestigious universities will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and traditional classrooms.

More prestigious colleges offer courses online

Advocates say new, online programs will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and in the face-to-face classroom. But they may also be a threat to America's less-prestigious colleges and universities.
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Clicking your way to a top-notch education

Millions of students are taking courses from Harvard, Stanford and MIT for free.
Posted In: online education

The Internet gets physical

Author Andrew Blum takes a peek behind the screens and traces the "Tubes" that connect us to one another.
Posted In: Internet, infrastructure, batteries

Low tech at the high court

The Supreme Court justices keep it old-school to maintain the majesty and dignity of the nation’s highest court. Plus, new opportunities to go to an Ivy League university for free.
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New tablets to ponder

Apple is announcing an announcement for next week. The technocenti say it will be the release of iPad version two.

Small sensor could be big breakthrough for heart patients

An implantable pressure gauge the size of a paperclip may be a big advance in the treatment of heart failure patients.
Posted In: Health

Debt wasn't always the enemy

The subprime mortgage debacle has given debt a bad rap lately. But there was a time when borrowing money helped establish a strong middle class. Stephen Smith reports.
Posted In: Economy, Housing, Investing

He's successful -- and undocumented

A small businessman who runs a car repair shop in Minneapolis is doing rather well these days, as customers try to extend the lives of their beaters. But he has a big obstacle to success -- he's an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Stephen Smith reports.
Posted In: Crime, Immigration

Light shines on Katrina survivor

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her Biloxi, Miss., house, Ethel Curry waited a long time for help rebuilding it. That help finally came this winter — from an unlikely source. Stephen Smith reports.
Posted In: Entertainment, Housing


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