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Prepare Yourself!

Many people are going to watching and preparing for Hurricane Irene as she hits this weekend, but even for those who are not in immediate danger -...
Posted In: budget, emergency, Personal Finance, planning

TELL US: How do you talk yourself down from the financial ledge?

On this week's show, Carl Richards, he's a certified financial planner and New York Times contributor, said that he often makes this suggestion to...
Posted In: Savings, stock market

Marketplace Money: What now -- full audio of our live call-in session

This week has been a nightmare for many people: The U.S. is getting a ratings downgrade, dramatic market losses and gains, people sitting on the ...

Tax time! Got a question?

Now although I've already done my taxes - yeah I know it's a little out of control - many of you might have lingering questions about your taxes....
Posted In: Taxes

Saving money, one Valentine's Day card at a time

I'm the producer for Getting Personal, so I talk to a LOT of people every week about all sorts of things: saving money, improving their credit...
Posted In: cards, frugal, Valentine's Day

Mortgage Mods: tales of cutting through the red tape

People write to us all the time with questions asking for help, but a note from San Diego resident Karin Andreen (pictured above) was a little di...
Posted In: avoiding foreclosure, Bank of America, Housing, Mortgage modification

What's In Your Wallet, Tess Vigeland?

In our new weekly feature on Marketplace Money, we're take a look at what's In your wallet. We started in Los Angeles by interviewing three pedes...
Posted In: What's in Your Wallet?
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