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Which Asian country's economy has improved the most since the 1960s?

The Globalist's Stephan Richter quizzes Steve Chiotakis about where citizens are earning more per year since the 1960s.

BRIC countries and the Nobel Prize

In this week's Globalist Quiz, Jeremy Hobson speaks to Stephan Richter about the BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, about their history with Nobel Prizes.

Marketplace Globalist Quiz: Global obesity

Steve Chiotakis speaks with Stephan Richter, publisher and editor-in-chief of TheGlobalist.com, in this week's Marketplace Globalist Quiz.
Posted In: Health

Which country has the longest period of retirement?

Retirement has become a hot topic all over the world recently, the cause of many a protest and strike. So who has been enjoying retirement the longest? Stephan Richter quizzes Steve Chiotakis.
Posted In: Retirement

GLOBALIST QUIZ: America's percentage of global oil reserves

Stephan Richter from theglobalist.com quizzes Steve Chiotakis on the U.S. oil reserves.
Posted In: Oil

Which nation gives most foreign aid?

Which country provides the most development aid as a share of GDP? The United States, Germany, Norway or Sweden? The Globalist's Stephan Ricther quizzes Bill Radke.
Posted In: Charity

4th most populous country by 2050?

By the year 2050, the world's three most populous countries will be India, China and the United States. Which country will be home to the world's fourth largest population by mid-century -- Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh or Pakistan? The Globalist's Stephan Richter quizzes Bill Radke.

How many millionaires are in Congress?

Of 535 members of the United States Congress, what's the share of millionaires? Is it less than 10 percent, close to half of all the members of Congress, or two-thirds? The Globalist's Stephan Richter quizzes Steve Chiotakis, and tells us how much lawmakers make compared to the rest of us.

Which country drinks the most coffee?

On a per person basis, which country drinks the most coffee? The Globalist's Stephan Richter quizzes Bill Radke.
Posted In: Food

Globalist Quiz: Major budget adjustment

Stephen Richter of TheGlobalist.com asks which of these economies will have to adjust its budget the most to get back to a sustainable debt level: Italy, Spain, the U.K. or the U.S.?


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