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Quiz: Americans use HOW much electricity?

The average Nigerian uses about 1/5 the energy of the average American.
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Quiz: Which countries pay women the most?

Women make about 85 percent of men in industrialized countries

Quiz: Which country gets most of its energy from renewable resources?

Which country gets most of its energy from renewable resources?
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Quiz: How much are the Fortune 500 companies making?

In 2012, how many of the Fortune 500 companies individually generated $10 billion or more in profits?

Quiz: How does the U.S. stack up to other countries in competitiveness?

In which category does the U.S. rank first in the Global Competitiveness Report?
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Quiz: How does China compare?

When it comes to per capita income level, which country is most like China?
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Quiz: How much gold is there?

What could you fill with all the world's gold?
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Quiz: What percentage of Americans own stock?

Stock markets are up in the U.S., but how many Americans actually stand to benefit?
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Quiz: Is global meat consumption up or down?

How much do you know about global dietary habits and meat consumption?
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Quiz: How much will gas mileage standards save you?

If the Obama administration's fuel efficiency standards, which are set for 2025, were enforced today, how much less money would each American driver spend per year on gasoline?
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