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Chinese baiju rice wine: By the numbers

$92.4 billion

Sales of Chinese baijiu in 2012. The traditional Chinese banquet drink is the world’s largest spirit category by sales. Source: International Wine and Spirit Research Group.


Forecasted growth rate for sales of baijiu in 2013,equaling the growth rate for the past two years. Source: Euromonitor


The estimated percentage of China’s sales of spirits in 2012. The category includes vodka and whiskey. Source: Euromonitor

441 million

The number of primary baijiu drinkers in China who are aged between 30 and 49 by 2015. Source: China Cuisine Association


The percentage of the "post-1980 generation" among baijiu drinkers by 2015. Source: China Cuisine Association

4 trillion

Total sales for 13 listed Chinese baijiu companies between 2003 and 2012. Annul growth rate soared since 2006 to 20% from 10%, and peaked in 2011 at 46%. Source: Wind

17 billion liters

Projected baijiu production in 2016, compared with 4.9 billion liters in 2007. Source: Frost & Sullivan

The numbers for July 3, 2013: China's Manhattan


The percentage of Tianjin’s fixed-asset investment to GDP in 2012. The national average ratio is 43 percent. (Tianjin Statistics Bureau)


Tianjin Municipal Government’s debt ratio in 2009, near three times of the internationally accepted alarm level. (National Development and Reform Center)

1,929 feet

The height of the Rockefeller Center tower under construction in Yujiapu. (Xinhua News)

$627 billion

The total amount of debt that local governments in China have amassed by the end of 2012, up 13 percent from 2010. (National Audit Office)

$2 trillion

China’s local government debt at the end of 2012, equal to one-fourth of China’s GDP.(Fitch Ratings)


The estimated number of people relocated for the construction of Yujiapu area. (Bloomberg)

$45 billion

Amount of debt that Tianjin Infrastructure Construction and Investment Group, a local government-owned entity that’s helping finance Yujiapu recorded in 2011, more than any other local government financing entity in China. (Bloomberg)

$650 billion-$815 billion

Estimated amount of credit borrowed by China’s local governments to mature this year. (CEBM Group)


Percentage of loans taken out by the financing arms of China’s local governments that is deemed risky by China’s central bank governor. (People’s Bank of China)


Number of Local Government Financing Vehicles in China by end of May 2009. (China Banking Regulatory Commission)


The percentage of local government financing vehicles that have insufficient operating cash flow to cover their debt payments. (China Banking Regulatory Commission)

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