Stan Alcorn is a multimedia journalist based in New York City. He reports regularly for NPR and WNYC, where he has focused on business and the New York tech scene. He was a researcher and production assistant for Marketplace’s Economy 4.0 series with David Brancaccio until April 2012. His favorite interview for that show was speaking with Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto on creating jobs in Egypt. Alcorn previously directed multimedia content for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the Columbia Journalism School and produces documentary shorts for Danger Documentaries. In 2006, Alcorn was awarded the Writer’s Award, from the Yale Economic Review. He received his bachelor’s degree in ethics, politics and economics from Yale University.


Features by Stan Alcorn

Does net neutrality have a loophole?

Cable companies seek different avenues around new FCC ruling.
Posted In: net neutrality, fcc, Internet

Why AT&T doesn't care it left the Dow

It turns out the Dow isn't what it used to be.
Posted In: the dow, AT&T, apple

The cost of keeping social media sites in check

Pressure is mounting on Facebook and Twitter to censor everything from trolls (which can really hurt engagement) to ISIS.
Posted In: social media, online bullying, isis, Facebook
The unhappy recipient of a badly cooked meal takes the offending dish to the kitchen to show the chef.

How bank stress tests are like restaurant inspections

The DOH does snap inspections, whereas banks have plenty of time to prepare.
Posted In: DOH, Fed, stress tests

Behind the scenes at a budget hedge-fund start-up

Smaller hedge funds are hoping to beat out their larger counterparts.
Posted In: hedge funds, start ups, Investing

Why the stock market just dropped

The Dow and S&P 500 fell markedly on Tuesday, dropping into negative territory for the year. But what was the proximate cause?
Posted In: Wall Street, markets, Federal Reserve

Why Apple is replacing AT&T in the Dow

The move was apparently a no-brainer.
Posted In: apple, Dow, AT&T

Oil, futures and 'super contango.' What's it all mean?

When low prices and high supplies converge, you get a super-rare situation.
Posted In: crude oil, futures, commodites, traders
Google announced plans to delve deeper into the mobile network business.

Google's wireless gamble

The Internet giant is a new entrant in an already crowded marketplace.
Posted In: Google, mobile, wireless, Internet
A raise in wages incur costs to Walmart shareholders.

Wal-Mart's wage increase isn't only for good PR

Higher wages means rising costs. How will shareholders react to this new paradigm?
Posted In: Walmart, shareholders, minimum wage, pay


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