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Women in the Japanese workplace

As Japanese officials press for broad reforms in the country's economy, a profound shift is also starting to occur in Japan's tradition-bound corporate culture. From Tokyo, Shia Levitt has more.

Paging Nurse...Doctor?

Nurses are badly needed in the U.S. and Great Britain. So much so, that in the Philippines, thousands of people — including doctors — are switching careers to become nurses abroad. Shia Levitt reports.

New corporate boundaries in Japan

Japan's never been big on letting foreigners play more than a marginal role in its economy. But a decade of recession has opened doors; from Tokyo, Shia Levitt explains.
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The other side of supersizing

Whether its french fries, buying in bulk or SUVs, Americans have mastered the art of supersizing. But in the Philippines, some are going the other way. Shia Levitt reports from Manila.
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Stranger in Tokyo

The size of Japan's workforce is expected to peak — and start falling — within the next 2 years. But many it's not easy being gaijin in Japan. Shia Levitt reports.
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A challenge in the Phillipines

Today President Gloria Arroyo's opponents filed for her impeachment. Despite scandals and protests by thousands, some don't want her to go. Shia Levitt reports from Manila.


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