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Billionaire Steven Cohen buys a Picasso: Vanity or investment?

Hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen has just bought himself another painting -- this time a Picasso -- for $155 million.
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Can we all just agree that SkyMall is now officially dead?

The Federal Aviation Administration could, by July, recommend new rules about stowing your iPad and Kindle during takeoff.
Posted In: airplane travel, FAA, iPad, tablets

Realtors ask: "What can I do to get you OUT of that house?"

With housing inventory at its lowest point in 13 years, realtors are trying new tactics to add listings.
Posted In: housing market, real estate

Parking meter headaches? There's an app for that

More cities are turning to handheld devices and smartphone apps to make it easier for you to feed the parking meter.
Posted In: parking, Transportation

No cash when the collection plate arrives? No problem

More churches are adopting devices that allow cashless worshipers to donate digitally.
Posted In: church, philanthropy, giving

Boeing Dreamliner problems could hinge on Japan

The FAA has grounded U.S.-registered Boeing Dreamliners until the planes pass a safety inspection, following a similar move in Japan Tuesday.
Posted In: Boeing, Japan, Dreamliner 787

Nation's smallest Walmart to open in Atlanta

World's largest retailer experiments with smaller stores on college campuses
Posted In: Walmart, Georgia, Retail

Company seeks American cheese 'revolution'

Health-conscious cheesemaker Organic Valley wants in the multi-billion market for American cheese.
Posted In: cheese, Food, organic

Turkeys cost a little more this Thanksgiving

This summer's drought meant higher corn prices, and turkeys eat a lot of corn. So restaurants -- and you -- will pay more this Thanksgiving.
Posted In: turkey, corn

Hurricane Sandy could cost billions in damages

Hurricane Sandy is expected to cause widespread power outages in the Northeast, where utility companies and other businesses are still recovering from the last big storm.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, electricity, storm


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