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Mitigating the cost and frustration of sequester flight delays

How are airlines managing the flight delays related to sequester furloughs, and their impact on flyer morale and costs?
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FedEx ups its service to go after UPS

FedEx launches more flexible delivery to better cater to customers and nab a bit of UPS's business.
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A comedy festival in 140 characters and 6 seconds: Comedy Central launches #ComedyFest

Twitter is launching a comedy festival in conjunction with Comedy Central, and it will all be on Twitter and Vine. How funny can you be in 140 characters and six seconds?
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Wal-Mart gives suppliers a deadline to disclose factory details

Wal-Mart wants suppliers to list exactly which factories they work with. The retail giant says it will cut ties with anyone who subcontracts work without permission.
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As foreclosure settlement checks go out, some 'laugh out loud'

Starting today, checks are on the way to victims of wrongful foreclosures as part of a $3.6 billion settlement between banks and federal regulators. But for most of those borrowers, it won’t exactly be Christmas in April.
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Maine lobster could get a marketing boost

The lobster industry in Maine has proposed higher fees in order to spend big bucks on advertising. Some lobstermen say that’s a waste of money, but others hope it will increase demand.
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U.S. ambassadors tapped for their connections, cash-raising

Forty percent of politically appointed envoys are big campaign donors. And unlike career diplomats, they get posts in desirable destinations, like Europe and the Caribbean. Caroline Kennedy's potential appointment in Japan would have more challenges.
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Is the housing recovery leaving too many behind?

According to a report in the Washington Post, President Obama's administration is worried that the housing recovery is leaving too many people, including young people, behind.
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NRA's plan for school guards: Who, how much, and how trained

The NRA reveals its plans to protect schools from shooters like Adam Lanza. What are the plans? And who bears the costs?
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Consumer watchdog bares it all; Banks complain

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has dumped over 100,000 complaints, in 11 computer languages, for “civic hacking.” Banks complain that it’s not filtered for accurate complaints.
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