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Music's reliance on summer concert season

The summer concert tour season is under way. How important financially are these tours for bands?
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Timber industry goes after green LEED certification

The timber industry is challenging the sustainable forestry certification of the LEED green-building program state by state.
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As drought lowers Colorado River, conserving water gains urgency

40 million people depend on the Colorado for drinking water. 15 percent of the nation's food supply comes from fields irrigated by it.
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When old is new again: The return of former CEOs

A.G. Lafley’s return to P&G is just the latest example of a former CEO being brought back for a new tour of duty.
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We've spent $6 billion on broken iPhones -- why?

iPhone users have reportedly spent $6 billion since 2007 to repair or replace their damaged phones, and repair costs are only getting more expensive.
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The low-down on the slim down of ESPN

The sports network is expanding and profitable, but hundreds of staff have been laid off.
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What will it take to make tornado prediction better?

Prediction for tornadoes like the one in Moore, Okla., has gotten pretty good. Building thousands of new radar stations would make it better.
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Microsoft's new Xbox battles mobile gaming

The new Xbox merely has to catch up with the past eight years of digital devices.
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Soap operas get a new lease on life online

'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' are going online only starting Monday -- as the first offerings of 'The Online Network', an ad-supported outlet for first-run entertainment delivered online.
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Turn your castle into a coop: Rent a chicken coop for $250

Want fresh eggs, but not sure you want the full year-round commitment? There's a business that can help with that.
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