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CBS vs. Time Warner Cable: TV wars rage on

Cable companies and the channels they distribute seem to enjoy a symbiotic relationship. But it's not that simple.
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Aaron Hernandez case could change NFL offseason

The NBA instituted some strict and professional guidelines after the news media spotlighted misdeeds by basketball players. Will the NFL do the same?
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Boeing's other businesses: Drones and overseas fighter jets

The Dreamliner gets all the attention, but Boeing has other lines of business.
Posted In: Boeing, lockheed martin, Northrop Grumman

Can your boss fine you for not disclosing your weight?

Penn State is the latest major employer to require its workers to disclose their vitals, or face a stiff penalty.
Posted In: BMI, Penn State, body mass index, wellness

Will Microsoft's reorganization work?

The tech giant plans to revamp its structure and management, as the tech world changes from PCs to mobile devices and cloud computing.
Posted In: Microsoft, Steve Ballmer

Why does Microsoft need a restructuring?

What does a rumored management shake-up at Microsoft mean for the tech giant?
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Is Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' just a big data mine?

Samsung came up with what seemed like a cool promotion: give away a million copies of Jay-Z’s new album. But how it handled the giveaway got it the wrong kind of publicity.
Posted In: Jay-Z, samsung, Magna Carta Holy Grail

Tech companies look to stay ahead of hackers

Intellectual property accounts for about 35 percent of U.S. GDP. But hackers, many of them in foreign countries, are working harder than ever to steal it.
Posted In: intellectual property, hacking, cybersecurity

Headed for your fish and chips: The lowly dogfish

Cod fishermen off Massachusetts catch few cod these days. Their allowed limits have been slashed because cod are fished out. What does take their hooks is dogfish -- lots of dogfish.
Posted In: fish, Massachusetts, dogfish, cod

Why Pandora bought a radio station in South Dakota

The music-streaming company Pandora has bought a small radio station in South Dakota. Owning a radio station could allow Pandora to pay smaller royalties that apply to... radio stations.
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