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One alarm you won't sleep through

Do you want an alarm clock that rings and runs? Sean Cole reports on the morning torture device called Clocky that can't be stopped.
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Can we get that shaving deduction?

From beard taxes to yachts, history teaches that you never can tell how people will respond when you find a new way to tax them. Except that some of them will find some way to avoid paying it.
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Neat and tidy nicotine

There's a new nicotine gel that's supposed to cure a smoker's cravings for hours. Marketplace's Sean Cole is a smoker, so we sent him to check it out. He was rubbing his hands over the assignment.
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Singing for their tips

Cold Stone Creamery continues to give Baskin-Robbins a run for its money — more likely because of the toppings smooshed into your ice cream on cold stones than their other gimmick. Sean Cole explains.
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Space, the final frontier — for advertising

Just when you thought they'd run out of new places to put ads, researchers have begun selling ad space on the side of a satellite scheduled to orbit Earth in 2010. We asked Sean Cole to boldly go . . .
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Chargers to Patriots: No tickets for you

The San Diego Chargers have banned ticket sales outside of Southern California for Sunday's NFL playoff game. It's not against the rules, as Sean Cole reports from Boston.
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'Til debt do us part

How much are you supposed to spend on wedding bands — the ones you exchange at the altar? We asked Sean Cole to walk down that aisle for us.
Posted In: Investing, Retail

Meet Mr. PC

It's not everyday you land a gig on the Daily Show, write a bestseller about hobos, and portray a PC on television. Sean Cole profiles an unlikely financial celebrity.
Posted In: Entertainment

Spending time with Ms. Dewey

Microsoft's trying to generate buzz for its new search engine with a live-action sexy librarian character with an attitude. Ms. Dewey is her name. Sean Cole paid her a visit and found her hard to leave.

Forget the card, send a ball

Two sisters in Chicago have come up with a novel alternative to the greeting card. Sean Cole has the story.
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