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The fix is in decline

How did everything suddenly switch from repairable to disposable and what does that mean for your local handyman? Sean Cole visits fix-it shops to get some answers.

Starbucks isn't playing his tune

In addition to coffee and sweets, Starbucks is now selling music CDs, with sales in the millions. So it's not surprising that unknown artists are knocking on its doors. Well, one artist in particular. Sean Cole explains.

'Sugar daddies' get what they pay for

Of all the different ways to earn and invest money that we talk about, this is one method we don't necessarily advise. But that doesn't mean some folks aren't doing it. Reporter Sean Cole looked into "sugar daddies" and the "sugar babies" who want them.
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A fresh alphabet spells success

Jera and Brad Deal turned an inventive letter-hunting game with their daughter into a multimillion-dollar business. Sean Cole paid them a visit and did some alphabet searching.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

CEO and chairman of the Bard

A chief executive's life can have its moments of high drama. That's why a training seminar uses Shakespeare to teach management lessons. Sean Cole has the story.
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Singing for their tips

Cold Stone Creamery continues to give Baskin-Robbins a run for its money, more likely because of the toppings smooshed into your ice cream on cold stones than their other gimmick. Sean Cole explains.
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Love is fleeting, but that diamond . . .

When the relationship isn't meant to be, that diamond ring isn't going to do much good on your finger. But Sean Cole found out that it can still be a tough sale.
Posted In: Retail

Kids, you should know ... we're loaded

A survey of rich moms and dads found that they tend to avoid discussing their wealth with their children -- possibly to the kids' detriment. Sean Cole reports on this problem many of us wish we had.
Posted In: Investing

Click-to-win marketing

Big sweepstakes prizes aren't just for the big kids anymore. One company is making it cost-effective for small and mid-sized businesses to offer prizes potential customers might give up their personal information to win. Sean Cole has the contest details.
Posted In: Science

(Cafe)Press your politics and profit

If you can think it up, you can sell it on a bumper sticker. Coffee mug. T-shirt. Thong (yes, the underwear). makes it easy to market your political views or random thoughts. A lot of people are doing it — and making money, Sean Cole reports.
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