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A video game that programs you

A lot of people play video games as a way to escape the stress of everyday living. But what if a game were to help you conquer and reduce your stress head on? Sean Cole has a positive experience with the makers of Mindhabits.
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Once upon a recession...

With the financial fallout hitting individuals and businesses hard, the B word is getting thrown around more and more. Marketplace's Sean Cole tells the bankruptcy story, starting with Chapter 7.

The truncated life of an abridging site

Ever feel like there's not enough time in the day to read through all of your favorite periodicals? One net entrepreneur found a way to give us handy abridged versions. Sean Cole tells us why he had to close shop.
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Belt tightening with actual belts

Belt tightening, belt tightening, belt tightening. With all the talk about belt tightening as a way to save money, Sean Cole wondered what effect the economy is having on real belts, like leather ones.
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Economy a hot topic for therapists

The economy is stressing enough for so many in the U.S. that many are bringing it up in therapy. Sean Cole visits several therapists and finds the crisis as a current event has had an impact akin to 9/11.
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Is there a divine hand in the Dow?

We've yet to spot a guy walking around with a sign that says "the end is nigh," but the chatter on Armageddon and Rapture Web sites is heating up. Sean Cole decided it was time to check in with a few "end time economists."
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Harvard reaches out to business alums

Harvard Business School's career services department is snapping into action to help recent graduates deal with market turmoil and the job market. From Boston -- and Harvard Yard -- Sean Cole reports.
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Indian voter: priority is American jobs

In our series "Interested Parties," we talk to voters about their economic concerns. Nandini Pandya came to the U.S. in 1983 to work as a computer programmer. She's been a citizen more than 10 years.
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Economic worries weigh on the young

As recent college graduates and current students begin to deal with "real world" challenges, they're also getting ready to head to the polls this November. Sean Cole reports on what they want from the next administration.
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Americans in Dubai

Nearly 80 percent of the people who live in Dubai are ex-pats, including 20,000 American citizens. Sean Cole brings us a few of their stories.
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