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At Thanksgiving, plumbers' plates are full

This is the busiest time of the year for plumbers. And it's not all gravy. Sean Cole explains.
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Relax and breathe in the fresh . . . marketing

More and more American businesses are using something called "scent marketing"— blowing fragrant aromas into the air to get consumers to spend more and keep coming back. Sean Cole takes a whiff.

One musician making it on his own

Sean Cole profiles blues musician Richard Johnston, who gives new meaning to the term one-man band.

New help quitting the oldest profession

Strippers and prostitutes can make $1,000 a day but not take home a cent because of abusive pimps or drug habits. Sean Cole reports on a program in Memphis that tries to help former sex workers reenter the regular economy.

Business plan hustle

There's a lot of bunk in business. You say something that sounds business-y often enough and it starts to stick. Sean Cole has a case in point.
Posted In: Canada, Entrepreneurship

Wendy Day, rap advocate

You've probably never heard of her, but she's one of the key players in rap music. She runs the advocacy group called Rap Coalition. Sean Cole reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

'Big Dig' troubles turn into tragedy

A driver was killed in Boston today when a panel in one of the city's Big Dig tunnels collapsed. It's a sad chapter in one of the most expensive and mismanaged public works project in history. Sean Cole reports.

Time to check for illegals

Dunkin' Donuts is one of 6,200 US companies taking part in a new federal program checking new workers against existing databases to find out if they're legal. But checking current employees is illegal. Sean Cole reports.


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