Scott Tong is a correspondent for Marketplace’s sustainability desk, with a focus on energy, environment, resources, climate, supply chain and the global economy. He services the complete portfolio of Marketplace programming and has reported on several special series including long-term U.S. job creation, U.N. climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, the Japan earthquake and tsunami, the BP oil spill one-year anniversary, and famine in the Horn of Africa. He has reported from more than a dozen countries. Tong joined Marketplace in 2004, serving most recently as the China bureau chief in Shanghai from January 2007 to July 2010. While there, he reported on a special series on the economics of one-child and the 30th anniversary of the one-child policy in China, the Beijing Olympics, the food safety scares in 2007, labor strikes, slave labor, child lead poisoning and baby-selling in China’s international adoption program. Prior to joining Marketplace, Tong worked as a producer and off-air reporter at PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer for seven years, where he produced a special series from Iraq in 2003.  Tong received his bachelor’s degree in government from Georgetown University. A native of Poughkeepsie N.Y., Tong now lives in Arlington, Va. with his wife and three children. He’s an acknowledged soccer dad, and enjoys cooking, cycling (he bikes to work on a regular basis), and running slowly.


Features by Scott Tong

Meet the Gao Family: Part II

Not so long ago, the idea of a Chinese entrepreneur wasn't exactly the norm. After all, the government had a hand in pretty much everything. But these days, more and more Chinese are starting successful businesses, free from government interference... and they're doing pretty well for themselves. Scott Tong profiles one such entrepreneur in Episode II of Meet the Gao Family.
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Meet the Gao Family: Part I

Families in China today grapple with the same issues we have stateside: Balancing work and family, not spoiling the kids, and saving for a comfortable retirement. These are just some things the new generation of Chinese families is facing. Scott Tong talks to one such family. (This is the first installment of a 5-part series running all this week.)

Taking stock

If you've got stock options, there's a chance your company may be vesting them before year's end. As Scott Tong reports, there's an options rush due to changes in the law that are about to take place.

Storms trump 9/11 costs

The economic costs of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma are expected to top the economic costs of the terrorists attacks by a factor of one-and-a-half. Scott Tong reports.
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Alaska wants its natural gas NOW

There's a whole lotta natural gas in northern Alaska, and Exxon Mobil and BP are sitting on it. Yesterday, state authorities filed an antitrust suit against them for not selling it to consumers. Scott Tong reports.

Exxon and Valdez, reunited?

Exxon Mobil and BP sit on a fair amount of natural gas in Alaska's north slope. Yesterday state authorities sued them, for, well... sitting on it, instead of bringing it to market. The state wants to build a pipeline to transport the gas to the southern Alaskan port of Valdez. Scott Tong reports.

Delayed vacation for legislators

This late in December, lawmakers are supposed to be back home and done with their work for the year. Not this year. Both houses of Congress are still in session and working on a number of big budget bills. Scott Tong reports.

Powering up the utility industry

This morning brings news of yet another big merger in the electricity providing business. This one involves major players along the Atlantic coast. Scott Tong reports.

Lobbyists lobby for DeLay

Five dozen Washington lobbyists host a fund-raising event today for embattled House Rep. Tom DeLay. As Scott Tong reports, DeLay has been instrumental in boosting the bottom line of lobbyists. Now they appear to be paying him back.

Remittance report

A report out today from the World Bank shows remittances (money sent by immigrants to their home countries) beats direct aid to developing nations two to one. Scott Tong reports.
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