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Gift Wrapping

Modern gift-wrap tradition has ties to Hallmark

Wrapping paper as we know it took off about 100 years ago. Now it's a $3 billion industry.
Posted In: Christmas, holidays, gifts

Detroit neighborhood sees hope in a community kitchen

People in Brightmoor are trying to build a local economy based on food.
Posted In: Detroit, Housing, neighborhood, cities

Detroit: A city built for 2 million, with 700,000 left

Detroit's infrastructure problems grind on, despite bankruptcy.
Posted In: Detroit, bankruptcy, Motor City, infrastructure

A small pocket of Detroit is thriving, but it's not a comeback city yet

There's an urban revival in the downtown neighborhood of Midtown, but the level of affluence is less than in other reviving urban centers.
Posted In: Detroit, city planning, Whole Foods

NHL set to shift teams between conferences

The NHL's Board of Governors is getting ready to vote on a realignment plan to move different teams into different conferences.
Posted In: hockey, business of sports

Michigan sues private company over bridge construction

The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Detroit International Bridge Company had a $230 million deal to jointly build a series of ramps on the Ambassador Bridge. But the state says the company isn't complying with the design they agreed upon.
Posted In: Law

Detroit places economic hopes on cruise ship dock

The city's $22 million cruise ship and ferry terminal was mostly funded through federal dollars. It could help revitalize the area's economy, but not many ships are calling in.
Posted In: Economy
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