Sarah Gardner is a reporter on the Marketplace sustainability desk. Her past projects include “We Used To Be China," "Coal Play," "Consumed,” “The Next American Dream,” “Jobs of the Future,” and “Climate Race,” among others. Gardner began her career at Marketplace as a freelancer and was hired as business editor and back-up host to David Brancaccio in the mid-90s. Prior to her work at Marketplace, Gardner was a public radio freelancer in Los Angeles, a staff reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, a commercial radio reporter in Massachusetts and an editor/reporter for a small town newspaper in Minnesota.  She is the recipient of several awards including a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Finance Journalism (1997), an AlfredI.duPont-Columbia University Award (1996-1997) and a George Foster Peabody Award, the oldest and most prestigious media award (2000). Gardner attended Carleton College where she received her bachelor’s degree in religion and Columbia University where she received her master’s degree in journalism. A native of Waukesha,Wis., Gardner resides in Los Angeles.


Features by Sarah Gardner

Mo bettah sprawl?

California-based homebuilder KB Homes announced today that it's partnering with the engineering firm Shaw Group to build homes on undeveloped land near New Orleans. Sarah Gardner reports.

It's a tough job...

... and there's no one to do it. Wanted: Skilled workers. According to a study released today, the US economy has serious labor shortages in some fields. Sarah Gardner reports.

Pre-K in Georgia

Many states use lottery proceeds to improve public schools. In Georgia, lotto revenue has been used to create a model public pre-kindergarten program. But as Sarah Gardner reports, the program's advocates wonder if the money will keep rolling in.

Delta pilots protesting

Delta Airlines' pilots are staging a protest rally today, just hours before Delta heads to bankruptcy court in an effort to void the pilots' contract. Sarah Gardner fills us in.

Pilots rally to save union contract

Delta pilots are set to rally today to protest efforts by the airline to void their union contracts in bankruptcy court. Sarah Gardner reports.

Who's minding the kids?

The Census Bureau reports that six in 10 children under five are in childcare, and as Sarah Gardner reports, kids don't have just one minder looking after them.

The high cost of depression

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term productivity costs associated with employees' mental health issues. In response, Aetna has a new program aimed at treating employee depression. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Three Rs for the littlest ones

A new study out shows even the children of middle class parents benefit from public preschool. Sarah Gardner reports.

The national report card

Federal education officials have released the results of the first "Nation's Report Card" study done since implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. Sarah Gardner reports.

How to grade teachers

In two weeks Denver residents will vote on a property tax increase that would fund a new payment plan for teachers; their salaries could soon be linked to student performance. Sarah Gardner reports.


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