Sarah Gardner is a reporter on the Marketplace sustainability desk. Her past projects include “We Used To Be China," "Coal Play," "Consumed,” “The Next American Dream,” “Jobs of the Future,” and “Climate Race,” among others. Gardner began her career at Marketplace as a freelancer and was hired as business editor and back-up host to David Brancaccio in the mid-90s. Prior to her work at Marketplace, Gardner was a public radio freelancer in Los Angeles, a staff reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, a commercial radio reporter in Massachusetts and an editor/reporter for a small town newspaper in Minnesota.  She is the recipient of several awards including a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Finance Journalism (1997), an AlfredI.duPont-Columbia University Award (1996-1997) and a George Foster Peabody Award, the oldest and most prestigious media award (2000). Gardner attended Carleton College where she received her bachelor’s degree in religion and Columbia University where she received her master’s degree in journalism. A native of Waukesha,Wis., Gardner resides in Los Angeles.


Features by Sarah Gardner

Was jury's MP3 decision a sound ruling?

A federal jury's finding that Microsoft should pay $1.5 billion for infringing on Alcatel's MP3 patents surprised analysts and might spell trouble for hundreds of companies. Appeals are expected to be heard. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Crime

NASCAR willing to consider biofuel

GM is urging NASCAR to follow the IndyCar Series' lead and switch over to ethanol-based fuel as U.S. automakers try to push the alternative into the mainstream. And NASCAR isn't scoffing at the idea.
Posted In: Auto, Sports

Stopping the Texas coal rush

A Texas power company wants to build 16 new coal-fired power plants and the governor is ready to fast-track the plan. That's sparked an all-out environmental war — with some strange bedfellows working together on the frontlines.

An arm and both legs for health care

Think we pay a lot for health care now? A report out today predicts that U.S. health care spending will double over the next decade — a growth rate some are calling unsustainable.
Posted In: Health

Paid sick leave gets healthy debate

There's no federal requirement for paid sick days. Democrats argue that's hurting paychecks and the workplace. But business groups aren't buying that argument. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Health, Washington

Paid sick days for all

Democrats want to guarantee all Americans seven days of paid sick leave a year, but passing the legislation won't be a slam dunk: Some Republicans and the business lobby are resistant.
Posted In: Jobs

If you still want that Prius . . .

The hybrid Prius is a bit of a harder sell today than it was last year, when inflated gas prices inspired greener-minded car buyers. Sarah Gardner reports on Toyota's push to increase sales.
Posted In: Retail

Subsidy cuts with a side of greens

The Senate takes a look at the 2007 farm bill today. On the table: cutting subsidies to the wealthiest farmers, aiming more money at conservation and spending to promote American fruits and vegetables.
Posted In: Washington

South Korea's beef with U.S. meat

U.S. trade officials will hold talks this week over South Korea's repeated rejection of American beef shipments — a matter that's sticking in the craw of free trade negotiations with that country. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Canada

New push for family, medical leave &mdash; <em>with</em> pay

Millions of Americans don't take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act because it's time off without pay. But a new bill by Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd aims to change that. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Washington


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