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Shaking up earthquake warning systems

Earthquake early warnings: Rift forms in public, private efforts.
Posted In: california, earthquake, USGS

Traveling to space? There's an agent for that

Roughly 100 travel agents work as "accredited space agents" to sell seats for Virgin Galactic.
Posted In: space, space tourism, Virgin Galactic

'Orange slime' used for fighting fires heats debate

To help fight wildfires, officials often dump orange fire retardant from planes. But some Forest Service employees argue the substance doesn't work as promised.
Posted In: Environment, fire, Science, firefighting

Citrus disease threatens California fruit trees

The citrus disease known as “Huanlongbing” has been raging for seven years, killing millions of orange and grapefruit trees across Florida. Now it’s been detected in California.
Posted In: Agriculture, oranges

The 'Hunger Games' hard sell

The books are best sellers, and the movie is on track to blow out the box office. But lining up marketing partners is a bigger challenge.
Posted In: marketing, movies, Hunger Games

L.A.'s very artsy rock show

A mega-boulder is making its way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where it will be part of a permanent installation. It's one very pricey trip.
Posted In: art, los angeles, LACMA
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