Sam Weiner is a staff writer for the Onion News Network in Chicago.


Features by Sam Weiner


How to survive the next economic collapse

Another total economic crash is all but inevitable. Here's what you can do.
Posted In: economic crash, humor

8 post-apocalpyse scenarios: The Day After the Debt Ceiling

The authors of "How to Win at Everything" share some predictions for what happens if Congress fails to agree about the Debt Ceiling.
Posted In: debt ceiling, apocalypse

How to "Win" at the stock market in no time at all

Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith give their tips for playing (and winning at) the stock market.
Posted In: stock market, comedy

The iPad, like my spirit, is completely broken

For one iPad owner, a void that even Apple's magical gadget could not fill.
Posted In: comedy, humor, iPad
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