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The Banker's Almanac: A guide to interest rates

One comedian makes some predictions about the Fed's decision.
Posted In: interest rates, weather, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve

No, the economy is not like a roller coaster

Comedian and Buzzfeed writer Sam Weiner on stopping the simile in its tracks.
Posted In: stock market, economic downturn, crash
US IRS Tax forms

Little-known tax deductions that can save you money

Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith are here to save you money come tax day.
Posted In: tax day, Taxes, IRS, tax deductions, Commentary
How many yen is one HBO password worth?

Inside an alternative universe of currencies

Satirists Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith introduce us to the hippest money around.
Posted In: comedy, humor, currency
Sorry Beatles, but you can buy love.

How to buy the things money can't buy

Satirists Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith on how to buy what you thought had to be earned.
Posted In: comedy, humor, holiday season

This year's must-have holiday gifts

Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith present their 2014 holiday gift guide.
Posted In: comedy, humor, holiday season, Christmas shopping, gifts
Patty Rhule, a Newseum employee, uses an interactive touchscreen at the HP New Media Gallery. Touchscreens are increasingly dominating the technology market.

The future of the screen is looking bright

Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith on a future with screens all around us.
Posted In: touchscreen, Smart Watch, how to win at everything, touch screen

How to survive the next economic collapse

Another total economic crash is all but inevitable. Here's what you can do.
Posted In: economic crash, humor

8 post-apocalpyse scenarios: The Day After the Debt Ceiling

The authors of "How to Win at Everything" share some predictions for what happens if Congress fails to agree about the Debt Ceiling.
Posted In: debt ceiling, apocalypse


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