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Pushing back against a new wave of piracy

Popcorn Time streams TV shows and films for free — and it's especially tough to shut down.
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McDonald's plan to turn the company around amid falling stock prices will focus on appeasing shareholders.

San Francisco threatens to sue McDonald's over drug dealing

The city is putting pressure on McDonald's to help clean up its act.
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Navigation Center in San Francisco.

San Francisco takes innovative approach to homelessness

The city has opened a shelter with fewer rules and more open space.
Posted In: San Francisco, homeless, Housing

Uber drivers struggle to pay subprime auto loans

Some Uber drivers report feeling trapped in the driver's seat.
Posted In: Uber, subprime lenders, Uber taxi

At Coachella, fashion steals some of the limelight

For many festival-goers, what they wear is almost as important as what they hear.
Posted In: fashion, fashion marketing, Music, Coachella
Johnny Sestini stands next to his house, which was burned by arsons and rebuilt.

Tiny houses give homeless a foothold

Greg Kloehn builds homes out of recycled materials and gives them to the homeless.
Posted In: homelessness, poverty, recycling
Homewood Mountain Ski Resort in Tahoe has had to close twice this season because of dry, warm conditions.

Unpredictable weather is remaking the ski industry

While small ski areas struggle, larger ones are finding new ways to make a profit.
Posted In: skiing, climate change, business

Finding the natural in natural flavors

Natural flavors come from a substance found in nature, but that's just the start.
Posted In: food and drink, natural, processed foods

A food critic's power in the Internet age

One negative restaurant review in a newspaper can do more harm than you might think.
Posted In: restaurants, Food, reviews, Yelp, critics


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