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How to sell your private data - if you really want to

There are a bunch of new ways you can sell your own data for profit.
Posted In: big data, consumer data, data privacy

What the Concur partnership means for Uber and Airbnb

"Sharing economy" services like Airbnb are wooing business travelers.
Posted In: Uber, airbnb, sharing economy

Silicon Valley comes to Oakland

The tech start-up scene in Oakland is distinguishing itself with diversity.
Posted In: Oakland, Silicon Valley, gentrification
Ask Jeeves

Do Quora, Jelly and answer things correctly?

Social networks, search engines and new apps try to answer our questions.
Posted In: Google, questions, ask, quora, jelly

Waitlisted for college? Here's why

Colleges are growing their wait lists and using them in some surprising ways.
Posted In: Admissions, Wait List, student loan

New trade talks spark beef over tariffs

U.S. is pressuring Japan to remove import tariffs on pork and beef
Posted In: free trade, TPP

Frowny faces help conserve water

Peer pressure works in getting people to use less water
Posted In: water, conservation

Can fracking preserve North Dakota's environment?

The fracking boom is bringing in a surge of development -- and tax revenue -- to North Dakota. Now conservationists have a plan use some of that growth to protect the environment.
Posted In: fracking, North Dakota, Oil, Environment, energy

Can dog food help Louisiana's wetlands?

Large rodents called nutria damage thousands of acres of coastal wetlands in Louisiana each year. But trappers are becoming a dying breed.
Posted In: nutria, wetlands, Louisiana

'Genies' head to Salt Lake City to grow family tree

Salt Lake City has become the genealogical capital of the world, and it's all because of Mormonism.
Posted In: genealogy, mormonism, Utah


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