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Features by Sam Harnett packages await shipment at a mail processing annex in Indianapolis.

Super-fast delivery is the new game in town

Amazon and start-ups compete for the instantaneous delivery dollar.
Posted In: Amazon, instant delivery, online shopping, e-commerce

Connecting your online self to your offline self

Retailers are using what they learn online to sell you stuff in the store.
Posted In: Cyber Monday, big data, online shopping
Shoppers wait in line at Starbucks coffee while shopping at a Black Friday event.

Holiday drinks: A mix of science and clever marketing

Here's why you crave that pumpkin spice latte and other "holidays in a glass."
Posted In: starbucks, holiday, holiday drinks, neuroscience
In 1965, English singer Petula Clark wears an imitation zebra coat and matching hat designed for her by a Paris dressmaker.

A new high-tech shopping helper: Dressing room mirrors

Dressing room mirrors with touch screens that tell stores about your preferences and buying habits are part of a wider push to track online and offline shopping activity.
Posted In: mirror, department store, app, ebay, Nordstrom, Retail
Alison Mueller skies to work through several inches of snow along Woodward Avenue as the area deals with record breaking freezing weather in Detroit, Mich.

Winter is coming: Why forecasters love a good vortex

A polar vortex is predictable, so it makes for an easy, media-friendly story.
Posted In: weather websites, polar vortex, fuel bills, winter offers real-time analytics for publishers and media content creators.

Advertisers can now tell if we're paying attention

New metrics can measure whether we are looking at and engaging with online ads.
Posted In: advertising, marketing, online advertising

The roar of your car's engine might be fake

Some cars play engine noise through speakers to give drivers that familiar VROOM.
Posted In: auto industry, BMW

Why companies really want you to use an app for that

Apps let companies mine far more of your personal data than websites.
Posted In: apps, advertising, mobile ads


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