Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.


Features by Sam Eaton

Weatherizing against emissions

A recent report shows that simply plugging drafts and fixing efficiency in your home could have a major effect on your carbon footprint. Sam Eaton from the Marketplace Sustainability Desk decided to put this theory to the test on his aging Los Angeles home.

OPEC's price hike may drop oil demand

OPEC will meet this weekend to discuss whether to raise oil prices and cut production. But OPEC's strategy could possibly drop demand for oil even further. Sam Eaton reports.
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Pharmaceuticals go on buyout binge

Swiss drug maker Roche is acquiring U.S. biotech giant Genentech in a $47 billion deal. Sam Eaton reports on the latest example of a pharmaceutical company buying out a competitor to boost its product line.
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Stimulus enables green to grow

Funding for renewable energy projects was drying up until the stimulus package was passed. The federal infusion comes none too soon, but it's only a start. Sam Eaton reports.

Google energy app can generate profits

Google is developing a free Web service to help you track your home energy use in real time. Aside from helping consumers save on their electricity bill, Google could use the information to make money. Sam Eaton explains how.
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A national policy for renewable energy

Congress looks at a renewable energy proposal today that would require utilities to tap more into alternative sources like wind and solar. Sam Eaton reports why creating a single national policy could be tough.

Ethanol start-ups are running on empty

Renew Energy, one of the nation's largest ethanol plants, just filed for bankruptcy. More ethanol producers are expected to follow in its footsteps. But as Sam Eaton reports, don't write ethanol off just yet.
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Climate program helps nations go green

The World Bank has selected eight developing nations to receive $500 million to help them adapt to global warming. If the climate adaptation program goes well it could play a pivotal role in developing a new global climate deal. Sam Eaton reports.

EU pushes for global climate change

The European Union is proposing to pay poor countries to get them to sign a climate change pact that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Will the money be enough of an incentive? Sam Eaton reports.

Climate envoy could help change policy

President Obama's appointment of a top climate negotiator marks a change from the Bush administration. But the former president and new climate envoy have some things in common. Sam Eaton reports.


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