Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.


Features by Sam Eaton

Oil industry report targets climate bill

The oil industry's campaign against climate legislation in Congress is heating up. The American Petroleum Institute lobbying group has put out a study of the climate bill's cost to U.S. refiners and, perhaps, consumers. Sam Eaton reports.
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Conference lifts social media ban

The NCAA's Southeastern Conference has reversed rules that would have barred ticketed fans from posting game updates on social media sites. The conference's concern is rooted in lucrative TV broadcast rights. Sam Eaton reports.
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The costs of a more efficient home

The House climate bill passed in June would require all new homes to be 30 percent more efficient by 2010. Will that hurt any housing rebound? Sam Eaton reports.
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Discarded clunkers clog up junkyards

Cash for Clunkers was supposed to reduce the number of polluting cars on the road. But all those discarded cars are now clogging up junkyards. And disposing of them will be no small task. Sam Eaton reports.
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Economics on climate change's side

A Senate hearing will attempt to shift Washington's attention back to climate change. A new report says reducing greenhouse gases would have a modest impact on the economy. Sam Eaton reports.

There's growth for green prefab homes

Glossy home magazines once celebrated the rise of modern prefab architecture with its clean lines and green materials. Then the housing market crashed. But green prefab isn't dead. Sam Eaton reports.
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The power in building bigger batteries

The push for electric cars has given battery technology companies star status among investors. But some people think the real opportunity lies in building much bigger batteries. Sam Eaton reports.

Treaty would protect green innovation

Negotiators for a new international climate treaty have fielded several proposals that would allow poor nations to break patents on green technologies. The move could help countries stay innovative in the field. Sam Eaton reports.

U.S. seeks emissions data from China

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said consumers should pay for the carbon content of the goods they consume, even from other countries like China. One option is imposing trade tariffs, but that proposal has the potential to set off a trade war. Sam Eaton reports.

Wal-Mart to gauge 'green' products

As part of its ongoing efforts to "go green," mega retailer Wal-Mart is looking to measure the social and environmental impacts of its products. Sam Eaton reports.
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