Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.


Features by Sam Eaton

Securing US chemical plants

The Senate yesterday voted down a proposal requiring chemical facilities at risk of terrorist attacks to use fewer toxic substances. Some say that leaves us vulnerable. Sam Eaton reports.

Gulf Coast oyster trade still struggling

With the year's first named storm battering the Gulf Coast, Sam Eaton checks in on how the region's oyster industry has recovered from last year's storms.

Sustainable banking winners

Banks are realizing that companies with a green bent are a sound financial investment. Sam Eaton reports.
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Reducing oil dependency 25 by 25

The latest proposal to wean the US off Middle Eastern oil is called 25 by 25. It calls for us to get a quarter of our energy from renewable sources by 2025. But getting it through Congress is another matter. Sam Eaton reports.
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Biofuel buzz going global?

A report out today looks at the potential for fuels such as ethanol to go global — and World Bank's potential interest in funding biofuel projects in developing countries is fueling the buzz. Sam Eaton reports.
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Business booming in Baton Rouge

New Orleans residents have just begun to rebuild their city as the new hurricane season gets underway. Which is why Baton Rouge sees an opportunity. Sam Eaton reports.

Gulf Coast energy forecast: uneasy

As the Gulf Coast braces for this year's hurricane season, Sam Eaton looks at how the area's buildings and construction rules are different nowadays.

Nagin's task: Reinvent city's economy

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has little time to savor his reelection victory before turning to the task of reinventing the city's battered economy. Sam Eaton reports.

Rebuilding and looking for leadership

Albert Jefferson Jr. and Henry McCloskey returned to New Orleans to rebuild their businesses and their lives. So which candidate in tomorrow's election do they think can rebuild the city? Sam Eaton reports.

New Orleans picks a mayor this Saturday

Ahead of this weekend's mayoral election in New Orleans, Sam Eaton looks at the politics — and whether a victory by either candidate will matter much to the pace of reconstruction in the Crescent City.


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