Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.


Features by Sam Eaton

Mexico eyes next export: Wind energy

In the Mexican state of Baja California, the government and international corporations want to build wind farms that could generate enough electricity to power homes in the United States while boosting the state's economy. Sam Eaton reports.
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How do we live with a warmer planet?

Even if we develop all the renewable energy we need, Earth will still warm more than it has in the history of mankind. Sam Eaton and Sarah Gardner look at how governments and businesses are planning to adapt to radical changes in our environment.

Is there energy to slow climate change?

If global warming's worst effects are to be averted, new energy sources must be developed on a massive scale. But there will be winners and losers in that process. Sarah Gardner and Sam Eaton take us to two locales with stakes in America's energy future.

The planet will survive, but will we?

Earth's climate has come through many severe changes over thousands of years. But humans have never influenced them as much as today, nor had as much to lose. Sam Eaton and Sarah Gardner tell us about climate past, present and future.

Climate change in our own backyards

Marketplace sustainability reporters Sam Eaton and Sarah Gardner discuss the radical changes Americans are seeing to their surroundings as temperatures rise from global warming.

U.S. could pull plug on Prius imports

U.S. hybrid technology company Paice filed a patent infringement case yesterday claiming Toyota is using technology Paice invented. If the case rules in favor of Paice, an import ban may be imposed on violating products. Sam Eaton reports.
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FHA is also too big to fail

As mortgage losses get worse so does the shape of the Federal Housing Agency, which has nearly a quarter share of the mortgage market. The agency may soon need a taxpayer bailout to stay in business. Sam Eaton reports.
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Stimulus boost will create solar jobs

California solar panel company Solyndra is set to receive over half a billion dollars in stimulus funds, which it plans to use by building a new factory. The project is expected to create as many as 4,000 jobs. Sam Eaton reports.
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YouTube considers fees for films

YouTube is talking with major studios about streaming films online for a fee. Studios could benefit by gaining access to new viewers, as YouTube has garnered about 40 percent of the online video market. Sam Eaton reports.
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More capital may help banks in future

Many banks back from financial collapse are exploring ways to prevent future freefall. The Obama administration is proposing one measure that would require banks to maintain larger capital reserves. Sam Eaton reports.


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