Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.


Features by Sam Eaton

Trouble for clean tech investment

Investment in alternative energy has stabilized despite the current recession. But investors are worried "clean tech" could be in trouble next year. Sam Eaton reports all eyes are on the Obama administration.

Obama set on new energy economy

President-elect Barack Obama has promised to make alternative energy a leading priority. What will that entail? Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Sam Eaton about renewable energy's potential economic role.

After 40 years, Sesame Street still sells

Four decades is an impressive span for any TV show. But as Sesame Street turns 40, perhaps one of its most impressive attributes is that it still sells big, even in a recession. Sam Eaton explores why.

Annual reserves report could lower oil

Energy companies are annually required to report the size of their reserves by year's end to determine what is economically feasible. This process could make oil prices drop even further. Sam Eaton reports.
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Palestinian businesses seek tourists

Bethlehem has seen a growth in tourism recently with the West Bank in relative calm. But as Sam Eaton reports, Palestinian businesses are hoping that more tourists will venture beyond Bethlehem to their neck of the woods.

More harm than good in state cuts

A majority of states face massive budget deficits. Unlike the federal government, states have to balance their budgets. But the cuts needed to make that happen may only make things worse. Sam Eaton reports.
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Fannie Mae to help renters stay

Fannie Mae is developing a policy to allow renters who live in foreclosed properties to stay in their homes and avoid eviction. The new policy comes on the heels of the mortgage finance company's current holiday eviction moratorium. Sam Eaton reports.
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Gas prices low while oil imports high

The U.S. trade gap widened in October because of a record rise in the amount of oil imports. What does that mean for gas prices? Sam Eaton reports.
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Recycling industry down in the dumps

Demand for recycled goods is down, causing a billion dollar industry to lose much of its steam. But another byproduct of the recycling industry's downturn is the creation of new opportunities. Sam Eaton reports.

An overhaul for infrastructure funding

President-elect Barack Obama will be meeting with the heads of infrastructure to look at those projects as a way to jumpstart the economy. But some say major funding overhaul is due. Sam Eaton reports.


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