Sam Eaton is an independent radio and television journalist. His reporting on complex environmental issues from climate change to population growth has taken him all over the United States and the world.

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Might be time to people-proof plastics

A government panel will review possible health risks of a key ingredient used in plastics, but some scientists say the research they'll be considering was funded by, guess who? The chemical industry. Sam Eaton reports.
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Rise of the green collar worker

Demand for skilled workers is already outpacing supply in the rapidly expanding eco-friendly sector of the economy. Enter legislation that could help fill the gap -- and provide pathways out of poverty for thousands of workers. Sam Eaton has details.
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Can Crocs go the distance?

The craze for Crocs footwear has outlasted most analysts' projections. It announced yesterday its 2nd-quarter earnings tripled. Yet, it could be tricky for the Colorado-based shoemaker to keep up the pace. Sam Eaton reports.
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Industry's future hinges on UAW deal

The United Auto workers will begin hashing out its next contract with the Big Three automakers this Friday, and many are predicting the outcome will be a make-or-break moment for the future of the U.S. auto industry. Sam Eaton reports.
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Will CEO's postings hurt merger effort?

The Federal Trade Commission has been trying to block organic grocery chain Whole Foods from buying rival Wild Oats, and it may have the ammunition it needs from CEO John Mackey's fondness for online chatter. Sam Eaton reports.
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More cell-phone choice coming soon?

A new proposal circulating at the Federal Communications Commission could give cell-phone users a lot more choices when it comes to how they use their devices. Sam Eaton explains.
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Paying real dollars for ghost gas

A quick science lesson this morning: The volume of gas expands in heat. Retail gas prices are based on a temperature of 60 degrees. That means when it's hotter you're paying the same price for less gas. Sam Eaton has more details.

Cashing in on responsible trade

Just as business leaders from around the world gather at a UN-sponsored conference to push for greater corporate social responsibility, a new report has come out linking ethical business practices to higher profits. Sam Eaton has more.
Posted In: Canada

Beijing not coming clean on pollution

An upcoming World Bank report has found that pollution in China causes about 750,000 deaths a year. But don't look for that figure in the final report. The Chinese government has pressured the World Bank to leave it out. Sam Eaton reports.

Business lobbies for foreign workers

The immigration bill defeated in the Senate last week may not be dead after all, at least not if business interests get their way. They're pushing to bring back parts of the legislation that would allow far more foreign workers. Sam Eaton reports.
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