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What kind of jewelry goes with a tattoo?

Millennials, born between 1982 and 2004, are growing up. And marketers are starting to pay attention.
Posted In: millennial, generation x
1965 Ford Mustang Assembly Line

Happy 50th birthday, Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a design innovation that lives on.
Posted In: automobiles, Ford
Helvetica the Perfume

Survey results: What's your type?

We asked: Why is your favorite font your favorite font?
Posted In: fonts
Kraft Foods brands

Kraft hits refresh button on vintage brands

Maxwell House coffee gets a makeover today, the latest of Kraft's vintage brands to get one.

Why low inflation can be dangerous

Some at the Fed are worried the inflation rate, around 1 percent, is too low.
Posted In: inflation, Fed

Home-delivery of groceries isn't new, Amazon

Real grocery stores have delivered groceries to customers for a long time. What's so hard?
Posted In: amazon fresh, grocery store
Microsoft's Executive Officer Steve Ball

Microsoft's Siri: What took so long?

Microsoft unveils its version of a Siri device.
Posted In: Microsoft, siri

The yacht index: How the price of pricey boats shifts

Is it possible that yachts can serve as an economic indicator?
Posted In: Yacht, luxury

Making in vitro births safer and less costly

A new statement says IVF practice can cause problems
Posted In: pregnancy, women's health, care, family, family planning, IVF

Putting student debt on trial

Law school applications are plummeting, so what are they worth?
Posted In: law school


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