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Will tablets replace waitresses and store clerks?

Technology takes jobs from humans, whether it's elevator operators or bank tellers. Will handheld tablets change the service industry?
Posted In: tablets, Jobs

Frozen foods: not your dad's Hungryman

Self Magazine has launched a line of frozen foods.
Posted In: frozen food

More gadgets, less ink: Staples cuts back

Analysts say part of the problem is too much competition from the likes of Amazon.
Posted In: staples, Amazon, office supplies

Surprise! Data pulled from the Internet is faulty

Some big data companies are offering faulty consumer credit reports.
Posted In: big data, credit

How much influence does the U.S. have on Russia's economy?

Some critics of Russia's move on the Crimea say the U.S. should consider economic sanctions. But the U.S. doesn't do much business with Russia.
Posted In: Russia, ukraine, Russian exports

How to create the next Silicon Valley

Build research-friendly colleges... and get some money.
Posted In: startups, Google, stanford

Will Netflix customers pick up the tab?

Netflix breaks down and pays Comcast directly for faster access. Who’s next to collect -- Verizon, AT&T? More to the point, who picks up the check? Us?
Posted In: netflix, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, net neutrality

Foster care is costly, and some states send more kids to relatives

Family care outside of the foster system is cheaper, but some children may lose out on services and oversight.
Posted In: foster care

A woman quit her job on TV: Good news for the economy?

So was no one at the Department of Labor watching the Superbowl?
Posted In: quitting your job, Economy, workplace culture


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