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The cookie factory that balances profit with progress

Some corporations have a legal status that formalizes their social goals.
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Elvis on Toast

Taking the retail sales number too seriously

Retail sales for April were disappointing, but month-to-month data is problematic.
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Why China and Vietnam are bumping boats

China is in conflict over its claim to a vast part of the South China Sea.
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Stanford University

Stanford will divest stakes in coal. Will it matter?

Stanford becomes the first major university to eliminate fossil-fuel investments in its endowment -- but only coal.
Obama Gives Major Speech On Climate Change And Pollution

I feel a climate change comin' on

Climate change does not rate very high on the list of the public's concerns.
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Judy Garland Wizard of Oz

How the VIX index tracks investor fear

When stock markets are going down, the VIX index is going up.
Posted In: VIX, Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, Wizard of Oz, fear
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Five

If Clippers are for sale, what's the franchise worth?

Clippers are suddenly hot, but what are they worth as a franchise?
Posted In: Clippers, Donald Sterling, NBA
Nike official NCAA size footballs

The threat of a football union has the NCAA talking

The NCAA and big-time football colleges have been rethinking the way they treat athletes.
Posted In: NCAA, college football, non-union workers
Botox patient receives injections

Want Botox? A wrinkle filler?

Valeant’s acquisitions have a focus: Companies that produce “medical aesthetics” products to smooth and clear facial skin.
A locomotive sits on the tracks near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

Fertilizer for farmers competes with oil for rail cars

Farmers say railroads' shipments of crude oil are crowding out the fertilizer they need for spring planting.


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