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Illegal catches hurt fishermen and fish populations

As much as a third of wild-caught fish imported by the U.S. is caught illegally
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Student loans

Another plan to ease the student-loan burden

This one will expand the pay-as-you go program for government loans
Posted In: student loans, debt, President Obama

You can refinance a car, but not a student loan

A bill was introduced that allows students to re-finance their student loans.
Posted In: federal student loans, student debt, refinance

10 facts about Bitcoin (before it gets boring)

You can now pay your Dish Network TV bill with Bitcoin, so...
Posted In: bitcoin, directv
Jimmy Dean Sausage

Pilgrim eyes Hillshire as tasty morsel

Chicken-producer Pilgrim's Pride makes hostile takeover bid for Hillshire Brands.
Posted In: Jimmy Dean, pork, chicken, Mergers and Acquisitions, Food

Showcasing different lifestyles through advertising

For companies, making the choice to recognize, and, even showcase different lifestyles is becoming popular.
Posted In: advertising, transgender

Gazprom goes to China, Russia's economy rejoices

Russia and China strike a natural gas deal that assures Gazprom a very big market.
Posted In: gazprom, gas, Russia

T-Mobile and Univision pitch Latinos a phone plan

T-Mobile partners with Univision to offer a phone service tailored for Latinos.

T-Mobile and Univision offer Latinos a phone plan

The two companies offer phone plans with special content for Latinos


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