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Does LinkedIn work for job seekers?

LinkedIn is a way for job seekers to put themselves out there. Recruiters searching the site may find them.
Posted In: linkedin, employment, recruiting

Who sues police departments the most? Police officers

In New Jersey, millions are spent each year on lawsuits involving police.
Posted In: new jersey, police, lawsuits

Report finds low graduation rates, but high federal aid

A report identifies colleges where most students drop out, many drowning in debt.
Posted In: college, graduation, for-profit colleges
China's Consumption Of Coal Steadily On The Rise

Coal's share of global energy is growing

BP's annual report on energy shows coal with its largest share since 1970.
Posted In: coal, fuel economy

Illegal catches hurt fishermen and fish populations

As much as a third of wild-caught fish imported by the U.S. is caught illegally
Posted In: fish, fishing industry, imports
Student loans

Another plan to ease the student-loan burden

This one will expand the pay-as-you go program for government loans
Posted In: student loans, debt, President Obama

You can refinance a car, but not a student loan

A bill was introduced that allows students to re-finance their student loans.
Posted In: federal student loans, student debt, refinance

10 facts about Bitcoin (before it gets boring)

You can now pay your Dish Network TV bill with Bitcoin, so...
Posted In: bitcoin, directv
Jimmy Dean Sausage

Pilgrim eyes Hillshire as tasty morsel

Chicken-producer Pilgrim's Pride makes hostile takeover bid for Hillshire Brands.
Posted In: Jimmy Dean, pork, chicken, Mergers and Acquisitions, Food


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