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Rebranding the euro

A crisis of confidence besets the euro as it approaches its 10th anniversary. Can the currency be rebranded to restore its luster?
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Warren Buffett buys his hometown paper

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will buy the Omaha World-Herald Co. Why go local?
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Apple Store arrives at Grand Central Station

New York's iconic train station gets an iconic tenant. Will Apple spur retail traffic in nearby stores?
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One holiday at a time

Some stores have resisted the trend to start Christmas before Thanksgiving. Retailer Nordstrom won't even put up decorations until the day after Thanksgiving and is emphatically closed on Thanksgiving Day.
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Michael Jordan's hero image tarnished in NBA negotiations

Possibly the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan could become the NBA's most unpopular team owner for his tough tactics at the bargaining table during NBA contract negotiations.
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'Occupy' protesters seek winter shelter

Occupy Wall Street protesters fortify themselves for a long, cold winter. Warm socks, mittens and sturdier tents a part of the survival strategy.
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Redbox raises prices on its DVDs

The kiosk DVD-rental company gained when Netflix raised prices. Will it now face the same backlash?
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Colleges bid for NYC space

Today is the final day for proposals to build a campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Some big-name schools are in contention.
Posted In: Education

Greek immigrants facing uncertain times

Young Greeks say there aren't many work prospects at home. Some decide to emigrate to America, but they are in the grip of the biggest jobs turndown in decades.
Posted In: Economy

Testosterone levels may affect your negotiating abilities

We tend to associate testosterone with aggressiveness and strength. All true, but people with high testosterone are also very sensitive, which might hurt them at the negotiating table.
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