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Profits soar for yoga-wear maker Lululemon

As many retailers struggle to regain pricing power, Lululemon's profits are strong. How does the maker of yoga-inspired activewear grow from here?
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Brands cater to gay community

Corporations have long sponsored floats in the parades and other things that kept the sponsorship within the gay community. Now though, it's expanding to general merchandising.
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Military Tobacco: The story behind our investigation

A few years ago I found myself standing inside a Coast Guard Exchange in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, waiting for a friend to buy a bottle of...
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Military underprices tobacco more than law allows

Smoking and chewing tobacco use in the armed forces is widespread. Yet many military bases break the rules and sell tobacco at big discounts.
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New York state nears deal to cap property tax

With among the highest property taxes in the country, New York aims to limit annual increases but also accommodate school districts.
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Volkswagen returns to the U.S. to build cars

VW opens a $1 billion plant in Chattanooga, as it seeks to triple U.S. sales and outsell GM and Toyota globally.
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News programs are still big draw for advertisers

News programs continue to lose viewers every year, but their low costs and attractiveness to ad sellers make them important to a network.

Networking site LinkedIn going public this week

It hasn't gotten the hype and attention its social media peers have, but the business networking site still boasts tens of millions of members.

Mastering the art of sucking up

Flattery can lead to success. But obvious flattery can be detrimental. Here's how you can master the art of brown-nosing.

Firms cash in on edible advertising

Ads are everywhere in grocery stores -- milk cartons, shopping carts, the floor. But now, new technology means you might start seeing ads on your food.
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