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HLN's next step, post-trial

CNN's HLN channel got big ratings while covering the Casey Anthony trial, but now that the case is over, it could lose viewers as well as advertisers.
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PepsiCo has new ad campaign

After years of focusing on newer healthy products, PepsiCo mounts a summer TV campaign for its slumping core product.

Where have all the coconuts gone?

Thailand's recent drought and unusually heavy flooding could dry up the latest trendy drink taking the U.S. by storm: coconut water.
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Jumping through hoops for decent interest rates on checking accounts

Consumers can find relatively high checking account interest rates these days. But there's a catch -- or a couple.
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Cramming gets a hearing

The Federal Communications Commission looks into hidden charges on phone bills.
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Tang sales skyrocket to $1 billion annually

The astronaut-approved orange drink now comes in a variety of local flavors for overseas markets. It's one reason sales have doubled in the past four years.
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Doctors' association to vote on support for health care reform

Just like President Obama's health care reform law, the American Medical Association's current policy says most Americans should be required to buy health insurance. But the law also comes with requirements that could put small practices out of business.
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Cable companies fear more than the Internet

The growing popularity of Internet streaming has already impacted the cable industry. But now, cable executives have a new concern on the horizon: Can customers afford the "luxury" cost of cable?
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More choices doesn't always mean a better deal

Normally, when consumers have more options it means a greater chance for a better deal. But that rule may not apply to high-end products.
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Profits soar for yoga-wear maker Lululemon

As many retailers struggle to regain pricing power, Lululemon's profits are strong. How does the maker of yoga-inspired activewear grow from here?
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