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New York state nears deal to cap property tax

With among the highest property taxes in the country, New York aims to limit annual increases but also accommodate school districts.
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Volkswagen returns to the U.S. to build cars

VW opens a $1 billion plant in Chattanooga, as it seeks to triple U.S. sales and outsell GM and Toyota globally.
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News programs are still big draw for advertisers

News programs continue to lose viewers every year, but their low costs and attractiveness to ad sellers make them important to a network.

Networking site LinkedIn going public this week

It hasn't gotten the hype and attention its social media peers have, but the business networking site still boasts tens of millions of members.

Mastering the art of sucking up

Flattery can lead to success. But obvious flattery can be detrimental. Here's how you can master the art of brown-nosing.

Firms cash in on edible advertising

Ads are everywhere in grocery stores -- milk cartons, shopping carts, the floor. But now, new technology means you might start seeing ads on your food.
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HP expected to post strong quarterly earnings

The company is under new leadership in Leo Apotheker, but some say he can't take all the credit.

An emotional attachment... to a brand.

United and Continental are merging their fleets to form the world's biggest airline. The new planes will keep United's name, but use Continental's logo. Some United loyalists are mad about the logo change. But why would consumers become so attached to a brand?

The market is bleeding, so I'm selling!

Why do some investors choose to ignore the personal finance information that says not to sell when stock market prices are low? Sally Herships investigates the psychology behind the low seller.
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