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In police killings, numbers are scarce or inaccurate

Why is it so hard to get these life and death numbers?
Posted In: homicides, police, data

The cost of stress in the police force

Police officers say they have less discretion about how they do their jobs.
Posted In: police, shooting, regulations

Not just fillies: women are becoming racehorse owners

More women are getting into horse racing by investing in syndicates.
Posted In: horse racing, syndicates, women
Offices at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA back in 2011.

The rise of the open-plan office

More offices are emphasizing trendiness over functionality.
Posted In: office, cubicles, Facebook, ergonomics, workplace, workplace culture

Calls for action against mental health discrimination

A new report says health insurance plans still discriminate against mentally ill.
Posted In: mental health, Affordable Care Act, health insurance
The Rhodes scholarship program, which invites students from various countries around the world to study at the prestigious Oxford University, is opening it's doors to China.

Rhodes Trust plans global scholarship expansion

Chinese students are now able to apply for the prestigious program.
Posted In: scholarships, China, Rhodes scholars, Education

The comic book battles behind the big screen

Licensing and keeping these colorful characters is a complicated plot of its own.
Posted In: Marvel comics, superhero, movie

The New York Times picks up where SkyMall left off

The Times and NPR sell their audiences on unique retail options.
Posted In: media, New York Times, online shopping

Tinder gets serious about dating

The dating app has put a cap on the number of swipes you can make for free.
Posted In: Tinder, online dating, social

The economy of the red carpet

From mani cams to brand partnerships, the red carpet can be a moneymaker for all.
Posted In: red carpet, hollywood, Oscars


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