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Homeownership sparks economy in many ways

Home prices are up nationwide. The recent demand has been good for more than just realtors and lenders.
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How the drought may dampen holiday dinner

The drought has already affected livestock feed prices. Holiday dinner shopping list prices may be next.
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Occupy debt?

Occupy Wall Street gets into buying and forgiving debt, but is it good for the economy?
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CGI in ads grows more popular

The Swedish furniture maker Ikea increasingly relies on CGI -- computer-generated imagery -- to "make" the items in its catalog. It's enough to raise the question of whether computer graphics could ever replace people in the fashion photography business.
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Video: A Dark-n-Stormy Day in Brooklyn

On the day Sandy hit, reporter Sally Herships went out into the streets of Brooklyn for a last-minute look at consumers' last minute preparations.
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Storm hits both rich and poor

A natural disaster like Sandy can be devastating whether you're wealthy or just getting by. But the rich could have an easier, faster recovery.
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Sandy as marketing tool

Companies walk a fine line between compassion and commercialism when it comes to disasters.
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The beer before the storm: Scenes from NYC before Sandy

Ahead of Hurricane Sandy's landfall on the East Coast Sunday, New York residents and businesses made preparations, stocked up on supplies, and stopped to grab a pint along the way.
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Utilities in Northeast brace for hurricane damage

Utilities spent billions a year ago repairing lines and equipment damaged by storms Irene and Alfred -- and were roundly criticizing for leaving many people without power for days. They're intent on being prepared for Sandy.
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Web pounces on Romney 'binders full of women' comment

It took just a few minutes for social media pages built around Mitt Romney's debate comment about having "binders full of women" to materialize. But how do you monetize a meme?
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