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Sequester steal: Will IRS budget cuts tempt tax cheats?

The sequester could force the IRS to furlough workers, including those who investigate tax fraud. Just to be safe, the IRS hopes to delay any furloughs until after tax season.
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Barnes & Noble's outlook is blurry, even for Nook

Barnes & Noble is expected to report a profit for the last quarter, but its digital e-reader business isn't performing as hoped.
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Valentine’s Day aside, roses resist inflation

Rose prices haven’t risen for years, thanks to low-cost growers abroad and discount flowers at retailers. But Valentines Day is a different story.
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Where to buy roses: Anywhere but the U.S.

Roses sold in the U.S. mostly come from abroad. In fact, any roses you may have been lucky enough to receive today, or kind enough to give, probably came from South America.
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Apple to respond to lawsuit over dividends

Apple is to respond to a lawsuit claiming it should distribute more cash to shareholders. CEO Tim Cook calls the suit a “silly sideshow.”
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American, US Airways may marry out of need

American is emerging from bankruptcy. US Airways needs a big brother. Will the latest deal to create the biggest airline happen this time?
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The postman will only ring five times a week

The U.S. Postal Service plans to drop Saturday deliveries, except for packages. But don’t expect the 237-year-old service to disappear.
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As mobiles apps about, wither video games?

Despite the gaming rage, sales of video games are down. Is that because of fatigue or the onslaught of mobile devices and their casual games?
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Captcha-22: When online security hurts sales

Ticketmaster is ditching those hard-to-read letters and numbers, called captchas, that users must decipher to make a purchase. It's switching to images, which are easier, faster and more secure.
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U.S. economy shrinks for first time since 2009

GDP shrank 0.1 percent last quarter. Private investment rose, but government spending fell. That bodes ill if automatic budget cuts can’t be avoided.
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