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Sotheby's auctions blue diamond for a lot of green

Sotheby’s Hong Kong is auctioning the world’s largest round blue diamond, the Premier Blue, for $19 million dollars. There’s not much you can do with diamonds but they are always in demand.
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Target puts a bullseye on Walmart's phone-card business

Target takes on its giant rival, and launches its own pre-paid phone service.
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The rising cost of infertility

It's getting more and more expensive to make a baby.
Posted In: IVF, in vitro, fertility, reproductive health

When the financial crisis met pop culture

How the bad banks, home foreclosures and layoffs of the financial crisis found their way into pop culture.
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The $5 menu? Doesn't have the same ring to it

McDonald's is exploring tweaking their Dollar Menu to include items priced at $1, $2 and even $5.
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Labor Day labor: Tactics for boarding your flight before overhead bins fill

Travelers share their strategies for jumping the line and avoiding bag check.
Posted In: airline travel, labor day, luggage

A high-tech pair: Flat screen TVs and e-cigarettes

As the e-cigarette market heats up, R.J. Reynolds plans its first TV ad since 1971, when cigarette commercials were banned.
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How much will Microsoft pay its next CEO?

As Microsoft starts the search for a new CEO, yet another report highlights the growing gap between CEO pay and that of the average worker.
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Trump University fails students: Lawsuit

Trump University is just one of the many items that the Donald has branded.
Posted In: donald trump, licensing

How to speed up plane boarding? Ask an astrophysicist

Airlines endlessly try to engineer procedures to speed up boarding and reduce costly delays. A scientist thinks he has the solution.
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