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Like Angry Birds, but for money

Millennials don't like gambling. But they do like games.
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Hulu is aiming to sell part of the company to Time Warner.

Will Time Warner become a partner in Hulu?

There are reports of a possible deal that would give Time Warner a 25 percent stake in Hulu.
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IAC/InterActiveCorp has bid half a billion on Angie's List, a site that provides reviews of service providers like roofers, plumbers and painters.

Angie's List facing a hostile takeover and competition

IAC bid more than $500 million for Angie's List.
Posted In: IAC, Angie's List, Amazon

Technology is a new kind of lifeline for refugees

Aid groups are beginning to view connectivity as a basic humanitarian right.
Posted In: syrian refugees, smart phones, wifi, Europe
Camel Cigarettes

Rise in cigarette sales linked to cheaper gas prices

Smokers are buying more cigarettes. One reason: cheaper gas means more spare cash.
Posted In: cigarettes, cigarette, smoking

A new chapter for Amazon

The company opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore Tuesday.

Black boxes for truckers

A new rule requiring truckers to digitally record driving hours may soon pass.
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Companies use weather data to make critical investment decisions.

Weather information is big business

IBM bids for data from Companies need this information, too.
Posted In: weather, data, investments
The Bills face off against the Jaguars back in 2013. On Sunday, Yahoo will be streaming a match between the two teams.

Yahoo hoping to score with exclusive NFL game

Yahoo and its advertisers want to know what kind of fan will be watching.
Posted In: Yahoo, NFL, online streaming, online advertising

Procter & Gamble in the post-recession climate

The consumer giant faces questions about its pricing and strategy.
Posted In: Procter & Gamble, Procter and Gamble, ivory


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