Sabri Ben-Achour is a reporter for Marketplace, based in the New York City bureau.   He covers Wall Street, finance, and anything New York and money related.  

Economics and finance are really hard.  But they don’t have to be boring.  In fact, they mustn’t be: because they are as important to a functioning society as history and art and politics.  Fundamentally, Sabri believes the duty of an economics reporter is to bridge that gap – to absorb, break down, and make comprehensible and palatable (as in “fun”) the economic news of the day and the decade.  This - as it should be for all journalism -  is in the service of citizens who must decide how to conceptualize the society in which they live, their place in it, and how to guide its future.  

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2013,  Sabri was the Environment Reporter for WAMU 88.5 in Washington DC where his work received two regional Edward R. Murrow awards for use of sound and feature reporting, five Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association awards, and shared in a Gracie Award for the Kojo Nnamdi Show.

As a freelancer, Sabri has reported from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the revolution-riven streets of Tunisia, the jungle streams of Panama, and the Democratic Republic of Congo’s war torn Eastern provinces. 

Sabri attended the University of Virginia where he received his bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs with a focus on the Middle East.  He attended the Georgetown Walsh School of Foreign Service where he received his master’s in Foreign Service, focusing on global commerce and finance.

In his spare time, Sabri teaches and makes ceramics.  


Features by Sabri Ben-Achour

Activists protest low wages

Wages are flat now, but maybe not for long

What will it take to get wages a-risin’?
Posted In: wages, Unemployment
An electric Tesla car goes down an assembly line at a Tesla Motors factory in 2013 in the Netherlands.

Elon Musk, Tesla plan 'Gigafactory' site

Tesla CEO needs one new mammoth battery plant, but will prepare for two.. or three.. or four.
Posted In: tesla, Elon Musk
Wendy Nguyen TechCrunch

Looking for venture capital? Be careful what you wish for

Startups must navigate deftly when raising big money.
Posted In: start-ups, venture capitalists

Yahoo's making content of its own

Yahoo is jumping into the original content pool with Amazon, Hulu and others.
Posted In: Yahoo, original content
Toyota dealership in McKinney, Texas

Toyota of Texas

Toyota's move to Texas a big win for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Posted In: Toyota, texas, Rick Perry

What deflation is and why it's the worst dog ever

Because more economic terms should be explained with pets.
Posted In: deflation
Manager David Moyes of Manchester United reacts to goal

Fire a failing manager and other lessons from sports

The soccer team Manchester United sacked its manager after less than a season. How does business operate?
Posted In: Manchester United, Sports, soccer, football

Is Abenomics working? Depends on who you ask.

President Obama travels to Japan on the first leg of his Asia tour.
Posted In: Japan, Abenomics
Easter treats

Earnings' fate when Easter's late

Easter is almost a month later than last year... and so are sales.
Posted In: Easter, Rite Aid

Picking up the tab for MH370 search

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...unless you're an airline


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