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More bad news on the bird flu front

The Asian Development Bank had some dire projections today about what a bird flu pandemic might cost in dollars and lives. Ruth Kirchner reports on preparing for the worst-case scenario.
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Big in China

The China Construction Bank opens its IPO today. If it raises the expected $9 billion, it'll be one whoppingly huge IPO. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner reports.

Not talking now

US and China textile talks have ended — with no deal. Ruth Kirschner reports from Beijing.

China in space

China blasted off its second manned spacecraft today. Two astronauts are orbiting the earth for the next five days. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner has more.

Game theory gets the Nobel

Two game theorists won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences today. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland tries to figure out what winner Thomas Schelling is <em>really</em> thinking in this report.
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China's economic future

Chinese Communist Party leaders are scheduled to gather over the weekend to discuss the future direction of the country's economy. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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