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China's currency

The US has stopped short of calling China a currency manipulator. Instead, it will keep pressuring on China to revalue its currency, which would make exports to the US more expensive. In China, reaction was guarded. Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing.

Toxic China

Millions in the city of Harbin face another day without tap water while a 50-mile benzene spill flows down their river. Meanwhile, fears of contaminated water hit the Chonqging region after a second chemical factory explosion. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Harbin chemical spill

Ruth Kirchner reports on the latest from the Chinese city of Harbin, where a benzene spill has contaminated the local water supply.

Chemical spill in China

China faces an environmental disaster after an explosion in a petrochemical factory. The accident's devastation highlights the huge environmental challenges afflicting China amid rapid economic growth. Ruth Kirchner has the story in Beijing.

Poultry fears in China

New outbreaks of bird flu have triggered restrictions on poultry imports in Hong Kong, and poultry sales are way down. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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BP looks to expand to China

British oil giant BP is set to expand in China and buy a stake in troubled China Aviation Oil, the country's main importer of jet fuel. Ruth Kirchner in Beijing has the story.

Bush in China

President Bush arrives in China tomorrow, and Ruth Kirchner looks at how the trip is being viewed from the Chinese perspective.

Schwarzenegger visits China

Stung by voters at home, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits China in a high-profile economic mission. So what does California get out of it? Ruth Kirchner has more.
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China piracy

The US is pushing China to start cracking down on violations of intellectual property rights. Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing.

No Yuan revaluation

China says it won't revalue its currency. Ruth Kirchner reports.


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