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Youth unemployment up

The ILO's latest report says that 85 million young people around the globe are jobless. Hardest hit: Southeast Asia where youth unemployment has risen 85 percent over the past decade. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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Record-setting IPO

China's largest state-owned bank went public in today in the largest IPO the world has ever seen. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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Ford . . . made in China

Desperate to cut costs, struggling automaker Ford has announced it's going to almost double its purchase of China-made parts. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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When China's bankers talk . . . will North Korea listen?

Condoleeza Rice goes all the way to China, has a bunch of meetings about North Korea, and says all the usual things. And what it all comes down to is what some key Chinese bankers decide? Ruth Kirchner reports.
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China stops bank transfers to North Korea

In a clear sign that China is prepared to increase pressure on Kim Jong Il to halt North Korea's nuclear program, some Chinese banks have stopped financial transfers to the isolated country. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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Rice in Asia

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Seoul today and Beijing tomorrow to try to bolster support for enforcing UN sanctions against North Korea, but she may be in for a lukewarm reception. Ruth Kirchner reports.
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German companies thrive in China

China's largest trading partner in the European Union is Germany, with bilateral trade reaching $63.2 billion last year. Ruth Kirchner reports on the cozy business relationship between the two countries.
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Thanks China!

China's surprise interest rate hike caused oil prices to fall today to $70 a barrel — a whole $5 lower than Monday. But, as Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing, no one thinks the lower price will last.
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Can AT&T go the distance?

Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks to host Scott Jagow about whether the new AT&T can avoid the same fate as the old one.
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Pirates of the Yangtze

Piracy of American products in China is rampant. Today, the Chinese created a special court to handle intellectual property cases. Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing.


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