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District Court Judge Kevin Roy says medical debt comprises well over half the court files awaiting his signature each week.

Despite insurance, some Americans still struggle with medical debt

More than 50 percent of all bankruptcies are linked to medical debt.
Posted In: medical debt, healthcare reform, bankruptcy

Target takes aim at new 'core' customer: young Latinos

SinTraduccion is Target’s first ad campaign designed solely with Latinos in mind.
Posted In: Retail, Latinos, millennials, advertising

Cellphones bring new leverage for farm workers

Workers in Washington state apple orchards use phones to find best-paying jobs.
Posted In: farm workers, farmers

Apple growers try to move beyond boom and bust

Growers are using computers and DNA sequencing to create sweeter, crisper apples.
Posted In: apples, farming, Agriculture

Design: where dollars are scarce and need is great

American design schools team up with NGOs to get affordable products to market.
Posted In: medical costs, medical care

Sick of the commute, Santa Cruz tries own tech hub

20,000 tech workers commute daily from Santa Cruz to Silicon Valley
Posted In: Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Traffic, commute

Tenants fight to stay in foreclosed homes

Nearly half of people living in foreclosed homes are actually renters
Posted In: foreclosure, mortgage, real estate, foreclosed

How Stephen Hawking became a celebrity physicist

Stephen Hawking wrote the best-selling popular science book of all time, creating a brand for himself and physics.

Apple launches iPhone trade-in program to shore up sales growth

Apple wants owners to sell their old iPhones back to the company for a discount on a new phone.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, cell phones, mobile

The economics of winning an Olympics

Does a bidding country’s economy factor into whether it gets to host the Olympic games?
Posted In: Olympics, turkey, Japan, spain


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