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Target takes aim at new 'core' customer: young Latinos

SinTraduccion is Target’s first ad campaign designed solely with Latinos in mind.
Posted In: Retail, Latinos, millennials, advertising

Cellphones bring new leverage for farm workers

Workers in Washington state apple orchards use phones to find best-paying jobs.
Posted In: farm workers, farmers

Apple growers try to move beyond boom and bust

Growers are using computers and DNA sequencing to create sweeter, crisper apples.
Posted In: apples, farming, Agriculture

Design: where dollars are scarce and need is great

American design schools team up with NGOs to get affordable products to market.
Posted In: medical costs, medical care

Sick of the commute, Santa Cruz tries own tech hub

20,000 tech workers commute daily from Santa Cruz to Silicon Valley
Posted In: Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, Traffic, commute

Tenants fight to stay in foreclosed homes

Nearly half of people living in foreclosed homes are actually renters
Posted In: foreclosure, mortgage, real estate, foreclosed

How Stephen Hawking became a celebrity physicist

Stephen Hawking wrote the best-selling popular science book of all time, creating a brand for himself and physics.

Apple launches iPhone trade-in program to shore up sales growth

Apple wants owners to sell their old iPhones back to the company for a discount on a new phone.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, cell phones, mobile

The economics of winning an Olympics

Does a bidding country’s economy factor into whether it gets to host the Olympic games?
Posted In: Olympics, turkey, Japan, spain

Syria weighs on economic focus of G-20 summit

The meeting of the world's top 20 economies has a broad agenda for addressing global economic concerns, but Syria looms as a point of tension between the U.S. and Russia, the conference's host.
Posted In: G20, global economics, syria, Putin


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