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China and Japan cut out the middleman

China and Japan move to trade each other's currencies directly, without using the U.S. dollar to set the exchange rate. The change is a new step toward a world where the dollar is not last word in global currencies.
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Japanese prime minister visits the U.S.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, is in Washington today for meetings with President Obama. There are tensions over the U.S. military in Japan, but moves toward closer cooperation on energy and trade.
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Sony to cut 10,000 jobs

The electronics company will be losing about 6 percent of its workforce. It's the first major move by Sony's new CEO.
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A look inside the Fukushima nuclear plant

The BBC's Roland Buerk is one of the few foreign journalists who has been allowed inside the Fukushima nuclear power station that melted down after the earthquake in Japan last year. He describes the atmosphere, and the steps for the future.
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Olympus escapes delisting on stock exchange... For now

Japanese camera maker Olympus has been in trouble recently over alleged fraud. It met a deadline to avoid being delisted on the Tokyo stock exchange, but it isn't out of the woods yet.
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Could Japan lead global economy out of turmoil?

Even though hundreds of factories across Japan were destroyed in the March earthquake and tsunami, manufacturing is recovering. Part of it comes from Japan's increasing investment in public reconstruction projects.

Japan struggles with clean-up

Three months after the big earthquake and tsunami, one of the big problems the country faces is what to do with all the debris. In the quake-stricken zone, there is 100 years worth of garbage to clean up.

Japanese consumers paying more for stuff, and that's a good thing?

Japan's consumer prices rose for the first time in over two years in April, due in part to natural disasters and increased fuel prices. But economists say there are some benefits to the news.

Japan falls back into recession

Japan's economy shrank in the first quarter, pushing the country back into recession. Production and consumer spending were hit by the March earthquake and tsunami.

Nintendo profits fall short of estimates

The video game and console company reported profits fell 66 percent for the year, due in part to competition from smart phones and other game devises.


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