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Random act of greenness or a job well done?

KB Home has announced it will commit to a new set of environmental standards in its housing developments, including making all of its new...
Posted In: greenwash, sustainability

Plugging electric cars

If you're interested in the development of electric-car technology, you might enjoy C-Net's video report from the Plug-In 2008 car conference in...
Posted In: electric cars

Google does Wikipedia one better -- $

Wikipedia, as we're sure you know, has become the encyclopedia of the Internet, with tons of information compiled by people who, for the most part,...
Posted In: Google, knol, Wikipedia

Hershey's not melting away yet

A few chocolate snobs in our office turn their noses up at Hershey bars, but -- at the risk of sounding like a pitch man -- there's still something...
Posted In: candy, Hershey, marketing

Bad days for newspapers, democracy

It's almost not news anymore that newspapers' revenues are plummeting, they're cutting staffs of talented journalists, and the news -- locally,...
Posted In: media, newspapers

Global warming? Just pass the lime

This news item may very well end up in the "Too good to be true" bin, but it has a magic-bullet allure for alleviating global warming. . ....
Posted In: global warming

Adapting to a bleak oil crunch scenario

If you haven't already, it may be time to start some long-term planning on lifestyle changes to accommodate the continuing escalation of gas prices...
Posted In: Oil, public transportation

Lots of barking over Verizon ad

Verizon has a new TV ad for the LG Dare phone that has set off a storm of complaints from animal rights groups, including the Humane Society of the...
Posted In: advertising, animals, pitbulls, Verizon

Another reason not to drive

As if gas prices weren't enough to discourage us from getting behind the wheel. The AP gives us reasons to watch out for who might be driving that...
Posted In: driving, safety

Is mystery meat on the menu?

It's hard not to take a pot shot at cafeteria food, but the folks cooking up meals for the Chandler Unified School District in Chandler, Ariz.,...
Posted In: catering, Food


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