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Cablevision wins appeals court ruling on DVRs

Cable television companies have won a significant court victory with a ruling that will allow them to provide subscribers with "network DVR"...
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Venture capital growing in green space

Venture capitalists think there's green in green. Investments in U.S. clean-tech companies grew by 41% to $961.7 million in the second quarter of...
Posted In: clean technology, venture capital

Yahoo annual meeting a quiet affair

After all the brouhaha over whether Microsoft and Yahoo would merge, and whether Carl Icahn would move in for a takeover, the company's annual...
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'Exercise in a pill' still needs a workout

News that scientists have developed a drug that mimics the benefits of exercise -- in mice, anyway -- quickly rose to the top of numerous website...
Posted In: exercise, pill

TSA pockets over $1 million in change

While travelers at America's imports are removing their shoes, putting laptop computers through separately and removing all items from their pock...
Posted In: airports, traveling, TSA

All a-Twitter over L.A. quake

When the ground started moving here in Southern California, the "tweets" on Twitter started flowing. And it didn't take long for some online...
Posted In: earthquakes, Twitter

Quake update

Looks like the USGS has downgraded the magnitude of the quake to 5.4. . . . Ho hum. Back to work.
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Shake-up at Marketplace -- and all L.A.

We just got hit with one of the joys of life in Los Angeles -- an earthquake that had our downtown office rocking. The preliminary report from the...
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Slow down, your auto-insurer is watching

Would you be willing to have your auto-insurance company install a monitoring device in your car, on the chance that you could get lower rates? If...
Posted In: auto insurance

Brits' economic indicator: Fewer pub visits

It may be more a sign of a changing economy than bad times, but beer sales at British pubs have fallen to their lowest level since the Great...
Posted In: beer, Britain, pubs


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