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Time to unwrap the presidency

In this time of crisis we have not one, but two presidents on the case. One is addressing the issues, while the other is unveiling his portrait. Do...
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A Visit from the AntiClaus

Contributed by Catherine Adams, Loveland, Ohio.... ...

Doubling down on investment bankers

From Stephanie Allard of Loveland, Colo. . . ....

Is this Wall Street? No it's heaven.

A Wall Street executive gets to heaven and is met with a huge celebration and a parade leading to the throne of God. He is greeted personally and...
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America's job market, 2010

Day labor may be changing based on this video from Screaming Frog:
Posted In: day labor, Economy

Citigroup's not ship-shape, so watch out for pirates!

This is a spoof story making the rounds. First seen on the Streetwise Blog of Toronto's Globe and Mail....
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The Whiteboard: How credit cards become asset-backed bonds

Mortgages aren't the only financial instruments that get turned into securities. Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains how companies make...
Posted In: asset-backed bonds, Credit Cards, whiteboard

How's it going at your workplace?

We're interested in how the economic crisis and layoffs are changing people's behavior and the overall atmosphere at the place where you work. We...

Land of the rising pun

From a posting on the Telegraph of London website ......
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